Sprig Habanero Premium Wood - Aged Hot Sauce (55g)

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Indulge in the Fiery Delight of Sprig's Habanero Sauce: Dedicated to the die-hard 'Chile Head' or the discerning connoisseur of fiery flavors, Sprig's Habanero Sauce is a true sensation. This sauce is crafted with 100% sun-ripened, fresh habanero mash, expertly paired with Pacific sea-salt and natural coconut vinegar. The combination is then matured in wood, allowing the flavors to develop and evolve. As time passes, the aged habaneros mellow out, losing some of their initial brash bite. In their place, a delightful array of edgy citrus nuances emerges, creating layers of flavor beneath the intense heat. This harmonious balance between fiery spice and vibrant citrus notes sets Sprig's Habanero Sauce apart from the diluted vinegary chili sauces.