Soba Cup Yakitori Chicken (89g)

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Instant Wheat Noodles with Seasoning Sauce, Yakitori Chicken Flavour. Enjoy Asian flavours in just 3 minutes with Nissin Soba Instant Yakitori Chicken Wok Style Noodles. Our yakitori chicken flavour sauce has a rich stir-fry aroma infused with grilled green onions and chicken flavours that'll transport your taste buds to the bustling street food markets of Japan. To prepare your soba instant noodles for a quick lunch or snack, remove the cap, lid and sachet and fill the cup with boiling water up to the inner line. Close the cap and let your noodles stand for 3 minutes, before carefully draining the water through the openings on the cap. Finally, add the sachet of seasoning and stir well, before enjoying a cup of delicious Japanese chicken noodles as a rewarding lunch or snack at home, or why not pop it in your bag and prepare it at work! Asian Blast – the original flavour explosion.