Chikas Sea Salt & Vinegar Rice Crisps (25G)

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Sonny and Cher, Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, Tacos and Tuesdays, Avocados and Toast, Netflix and Chill… Some things are just meant to go together! And who can forget the old classic…Salt and Vinegar! Enjoy your old favourite flavour combinations WITHOUT all the harmful added flavourings and preservatives! Don’t look so shocked, it’s possible! Healthy snacks don’t have to mean skimping on flavour and taste! And here at CHIKA’s we are BIG on flavour. Our IYANU* Salt and Vinegar Rice Crisps pack a wicked punch of flavour as well as being completely natural, plant based AND gluten-free and vegetarian! So you can enjoy your favourite flavour combinations without any of the guilt.